Myanmar is a country blessed with fertile land and a lot of diverse resources, the advantages it has provided a major food source for the country all year round. It also attracts tourist that choose Myanmar tours


Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced cuisine from India, China, Thailand, and the culinary culture of the ethnic minorities. The staple food in Myanmar is rice. Pastas and breads are also eaten. Myanmar cuisine often use shrimp, fish, fermented fish paste, pork and lamb.

Beef, which is considered a taboo, rarely used. Mohinga, often considered the national dish of Myanmar, including catfish broth with curry spices and flowers chickpeas, vermicelli and fish sauce.

In Myanmar rice is the main food and accounts for 75% of the diet of the people of Myanmar. Their meals are always accompanied by meat dishes, soup, fish, salads and vegetables cooked in their own ways, Myanmar. It is suitable for all tourist when get Myanmar tours

During meals all the dishes are put out on the table so that diners can choose individual dishes combined to suit individual tastes. In Myanmar, the cooking method is the most popular meat or fish fried with onions, ginger, garlic, chilli and spices. The essential spice is the most common and spices made from shrimp or fish and preserved with chili powder.

Most traditional snacks are made from rice Myanmar or glutinous rice is rich in flavor and is also very diverse. Wheat or rice is served with fish soup dish Mohinga the Burmese dishes are the most popular. This dish is mainly used for Myanmar people used to the breakfast and special occasions.


in addition, the tea house Myanmar not only a place to drink tea, but also a place to discover the cuisine of the peoples in this country. Tea house of the peoples of Myanmar with Myanmar noodles or rice, including those histamine dish, a rice salad.

Meanwhile, shops Indian / Muslim serves Asian-influenced of fried snacks like samosas and Poori (deep fried bread served with potato curry) or toast nanbya (naan ). Chinese customs of the most striking is the sweet baked goods or other types of sparkling puller, puller open style often seen in eating dim sum.

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