If you want to have a wonderful holiday, Myanmar holidays is a good choice for this. These are some tips for your holiday in Myanmar


Wild beautiful beaches



Myanmar country with a coastline that stretches more than 2,000 km untapped much, so the beaches here remain virtually untouched beauty inherent. Myanmar travel, nothing is more fun with the rest of the charming beaches Bay of Bengal, especially Ngapali beach just a 45 minute drive from Yangon. Myanmar holidays for couple is the best choice

Delicious cuisine

Although Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced from India, China, Thailand and the culinary culture of many ethnic minorities, but the dishes where there are attractive features separate . Not only delicious, Myanmar dishes are sophisticated in the way of processing and especially very cheap. If given the opportunity to Yangon and Bagan, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine unique streets such as tea and flatbread, Nangyi thoke, samosa salad, pasta Shan, barbecue grills and aromatic curry rice dish .

Hard to resist the beauty of Mandalay

It’s located not far from Bagan and only takes about 30 minutes, you will sit plane to Mandalay. This is a city of chaos, smoke and dust everywhere, but when you leave the bustling downtown area to visit the spectacular architecture of this place different, then you will really understand the beauty of land has also served as the country’s ancient capital golden temple country. This place will make your Myanmar holidays become more inresting



Made Buddhist pilgrims and breathe fresh air



Kyaiktiyo Pagoda top (also known as the Golden Rock – Gold Mountain Temple) and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the mountain is also a new experience. Golden Rock famous by the protruding and gold surfaces. Legend has it that, if only a little contact with the surface of the mountain but still imposing Golden Rock is due to the hair of the Buddha hold it.

Buddhists from all over the place come here to pay homage and meditate overlooking the valley below. A small note, you should wear clothes covering the shoulders and knees to fit the solemnity here, and keep the body warm because the air here is quite cold.