Unique Malaysian cuisine by many constituent elements. First is the traditional Islamic style, then the many features influences from culinary cultures such as Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine. That attracts tourist to have Malaysia trip


From the geographical location and the process of trade in economic development journey, Malaysia has received quite a lot of features of many other cultures. Therefore Malaysian cuisine with a unique blend between the cuisine of different ethnic community from the local to the neighboring countries. From there, the cuisine of Malaysia is also becoming richer, more distinct flavor, but whether to mix a very harmonious way, adding new features and diversity to traditional dishes.

Most Malaysia people love to eat spicy, the main raw material to create spicy sambal chilli and usually is – a kind of pungent chili sauce special. In addition, they also use a variety of materials such as ginger spice, lemon grass, lime leaves, coconut milk and peanuts, … causes diners to enjoy food in this country, will feel the taste of passion very different tasty.

Tourist should consider the spicy dishes when have Malaysia trip


Malaysia and many countries in Southeast Asia, in the daily meals are rice. With richness, diversity in cuisine, with features like spicy, Malaysian rice dishes are also very special. Eg dish “Nasi lemak” – a traditional rice from Malaysia, if anyone ever got the chance to try it indeed hard to forget its unique flavor.

This type of rice is cooked in coconut milk with coconut milk taste greasy, sour taste of tamarind and special bar is indispensable spicy chili, lemongrass, ginger … rice usually served with anchovies, boiled eggs, roasted peanuts and cucumber …



In addition to the traditional rice dish, the fish dishes are popular, and many other aquatic products are also widely used in food processing. In addition to seafood, the Malaysians also use beef, chicken, lamb, but especially not to use pork as the majority of people of Islamic Malaysia.

Malaysia cuisine will make your Malaysia trip unforgettable