Lao-style cuisine similar to neighboring countries as Cambodia and Thailand: spicy, sour and sweet. However, bringing food back very own distinctive style. When you have Laos trip, you should try their cuisine


In addition to freshwater fish, the pork, chicken, buffalo and duck are the key component for cooking more conventional dishes. Lao people also eat things like deer hunting game meat, wild chicken, quail if given the opportunity to earn.

Rice is the main food Laotians; the cuisine is characterized by use of spices such as ginger, tamarind, lime leaves, and dried chili very spicy variety. Place the dish in most of the dishes are so many peppers. Chili alone has dozens of dishes: from fried peppers, pickled peppers, chili peppers, chili stew, boiled chili …


This spicy main culture is also because the majority of Laotians use of manual labor, irritating spicy stimulus, creating delicious dishes, help employees be more food, increase their labor. Tourist should notice this when have Laos trip

In each region there are also typical dishes, with different names and are processed according to the characteristics of each region, but not without spicy chili … A typical dish of Laos is a mix between spicy and sweet, add herbs neutralized. Fish caught from rivers, lakes and streams are Laotians processed blend of herbal spices.



Laos had plenty of food delicacies, may include such as grilled chicken, Greek, sausage, pork steamed bamboo shoots (or fish steamed in banana leaves), chicken (fish) cooked me, boiled vegetables, rice (sticky rice). There are also other dishes such as: frogs, garlic fried squid, barbecued ribs, fish

Lao cuisine, in addition to this dish, there are considered specialty items such as dish Hung Tam Maak also called dummies include pickled papaya, papaya, beans, tomato and mix with fork pounding dozens eat very strange spices.

Each dish contains other ingredients such as sausage made of pork, chopped, mixed spices Laos, eaten with sticky rice or rice, mixed with hot peppers, grilled fish is salted skin, when cooked, the skin no fire but white fish coated layer of salt, meat does not stick to the skin, fragrance, dotted with sauce (crafted from red peppers, garlic, onions, fish sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate and lemon).

When you have Laos trip, you should try their cuisine