Lao cuisine may not be appreciated in the culinary map of Southeast Asia, however, where there is always good food impressive, makes you remember when to leave.


1.Sticky rice (Klao niaw)


Rice is a highly valued food in Laos particularly sticky rice, although rice (Khao Chao) and vermicelli rice (Khao poon) are also very popular here. Family members usually eat rice from Laos bowl a general or for personal use per person a bowl, separate Laotian sticky rice, the food was loaded by hand. When eaten, the Laotians will hold sticky rice into small cubes, and then use it as a spoon to feed on dredging and sliding the disc into the mouth, or put into the sauce.

The restaurant’s chef Phu Doi Deinla in Luang Prabang has shared the secret to creating the perfect sticky rice dish is “sticky rice should soak overnight before use, then rinse several times before being steamed in a bamboo basket”. Also, to Laos you’ll be enjoying a fascinating sticky rice Khao Lam (glutinous rice will be put inside a bamboo tube and baked under fire)




In the Lao language, cuisine Laap means luck, wishes symbolize peace. Raw materials make this dish could use beef, pork, chicken … and mixed with chopped liver with spices such as lemon juice, chili, galangal. After mixing, the Greek cuisine will be served with raw vegetables like lettuce fish, lettuce, string beans … all blended together create extremely attractive aroma. Sour taste of the lime juice, spicy chili, aroma of spices … gives visitors an unforgettable experience.


3.Tam Mak Houng



Papaya salad in Laotian mannequin called Tam Mak Houng. Papaya fruit is selected is not green too, but not nearly ripe. After being grated papaya into fibers will give the mortar to stab lightly. Spices entered include lemon juice, shrimp sauce, eggplant, peppers, chilies. When eating papaya salad Laos, the aroma of spices mixed with the sour taste will bring to the customers own flavor unlike any dish sold anywhere else. Most restaurants, cafes in Laos have this dish.