If beautiful destinations have made you boring you should note “Big Jar” field in your Laos destinations route


It is one of famous Laos destionation  and it is at located Phon Sa Vanh town, the administrative center of Xieng Khouang province 30km, “Big Jars” field is located on a wide plateau tens of hectares. However, due to be affected by landmines left over after the Indochina war ended so there are only a part of the plain is revealed to visitors, research.

The scientists discovered more than one century ago, but until now, the introduction and use of the jars still remains a mystery.From the concentric circles on a number of decorated jars, scientists have suggested that some stone jars with lids here once, but most of that cap has mysteriously disappeared.



There are various theories about the flow of the cycles born giant rocks.The first hypothesis comes from the legend of the tribe H’mong and Dao people live at the end of the Truong Son range, which is the origin of this stone jars from the 6th century, and they are created for the purpose Brewer.

The legend has it that, in ancient times this land has an extremely cruel ruler Chao Angka name. This king treated very badly with the people here, so they have asked the help of Khun Jevam – a king from the North, he has come, for their liberation.


For a wine to celebrate the victory soldiers, King Khun ordered people to do things the stone jars to aging.

The second theory that the stone jars this is the burial place for the dead. This hypothesis is an archaeologist Henri Parmentier French given name when he found locals selling and beads made of glass cacnilian during fieldwork. From the above fact, he said that they had stolen the necklace along with some other articles from the stone urns, burial place of the deceased.

However, so far these theories have yet been proven scientifically and that the reason that the field still exists chum to attract hundreds of thousands of curious tourists come here every year. It is one of famous Laos destionation