Referring to the Malaysian island paradise is sure many visitors will think of Langkawi – places always in the top of the most romantic island on the planet. In your Langkawi trip, beautiful beaches will be the best choice


1.Pantai Cenang


Pantai Cenang is one of the popular beaches in Langkawi. It attracts tourists by the beautiful combination between sapphire blue water, white sand and palm trees smooth and green. Besides, this area also cheap hotels suit guests’ pockets. Especially when the sun goes down, the streets here became busy with a series of stalls selling some local specialty dishes, popular restaurant with lively bars.This beach is favorite beach of tourist in their Langkawi trip

2.Pantai Kok



The beach in Pantai Kok is largely owned by high-end resorts such as Sheraton or Tanjung Sanctuary. So space pretty quiet here, tourists can comfortably relax on the sandy beach in the sun and brilliant blue water. In addition, visitors also can do a cruise to the west Pantai Kok to explore the limestone hill with tropical jungle. It will be interesting to experience travel in Malaysia when you had played in Langkawi Island.

3.Pantai Tengah



Pantai Tengah is home to the longest coastline on the island of Langkawi and sand quality is similar to Pantai Cenang beach. However, the quieter area with wooden house on a lovely beach. Guests can also sign up for the service at the hotel massage her or do a tour of the surrounding islets.

4.Tanjung Rhu


Is a popular beach in Langkawi, there Rhu Tangjung waters crystal clear, perfect smooth sand and is covered by dense jungle. Therefore, it is completely separate to the outside world, suitable for guests who want to stay calm while traveling Malaysia. And scattered in Tanjung Rhu is a roadside hawker stalls with delicious gourmet cuisine, fascinating. This beach is favorite beach of tourist in their Langkawi trip

5.Datai Bay



This is the exclusive beach resort Datai Bay in Langkawi luxury. So the space here is quite calm, quiet. In addition to swimming and lying on the sand alone, the tourists can visit the Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Langkawi Crocodile Farm not far from the beach.