Kuala Lumpur – known as the “garden city” with cool of green, fresh and poetic always been the ideal destination for foreign tourists to Malaysia. Not only attract visitors by the resort, the most modern shopping, in Kuala Lumpur there are other interesting sights and useful, including the Museum of Islamic Art. It is a famous Kuala Lumpur destination


Museum of Islamic Art (IAMM) is one of the famous attractions of Malaysia, local tourism is best known, in most of the destinations in this country. As a Muslim country, Malaysia has always cared and invested for sacred places and spiritual soul of the great value of the local people.

And the Museum of Islamic art can be seen as one of the demonstration is quite clear. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is considered the largest in Southeast Asia, with a total area of ​​30,000 m2, located near the Lake Gardens and the National Museum, in the heart of the city.


This is the place for keeping and exhibiting over 7,000 unique exhibits artifacts, and a library with a huge collection of precious books of Islamic holy people. In particular, the museum also regularly organizes large-scale exhibition, to serve tourists.

Museum site also has quite an outdoor dining area, serving buffet lunch on weekends, the main menu is the typical dishes of the Middle East, extremely unique and exotic. In addition, the museum also has a memorial to the lovely objects, brought cultural identity of the people here. Guests can freely choose to buy as a gift for family and friends in your Kuala Lumpur destination.



Come to Islamic art museum, you not only have the opportunity to learn more about art and religion, but also can discover the culture, people of Malaysia. It and many other interesting destinations will be a place that helps you learn most clearly about the culture, unique customs and traditions of the people of this parish.

So if you are planning to travel and learn about the country of Malaysia, comes the famous art museum, the place to keep the long tradition of the Muslims. And if you want to learn more about Islamic culture, the Museum of Islamic Art is where you definitely cannot ignore. It is an amazing Kuala Lumpur destination