Tourists have Indonesia tour always try to enjoy Indonesian food because Indonesian cuisine is very diverse as Indonesia includes 6,000 inhabited islands.


Many areas of the Indonesian culinary development based on their own cultural uniqueness of each culture and region on the foreign influence. Other Indonesian cuisine knows a lot between different regions and different affected.

Throughout history, Indonesia has always actively engaged in commercial activities due to geographical location situated on the major maritime routes and natural resources so abundant. The ingredients and cooking techniques indigenous to absorb influences from India, the Middle East, China and most recently from Europe.


Merchants Spain and Portugal brought products from the New World (America) before the Dutch came and turned most of the colonial islands. Maluku islands of Indonesia, is known as the “spice island” also contributed to the introduction of native spices, including cloves and nutmeg to the whole island of Indonesia and the world.

Some of Indonesia’s famous dishes like nasi Goreng (fried rice), gado gado-, sate, soto and ubiquitous and is considered a national dishes. Therefore, tourist should try these dishes when get Indonesia tour



Cuisine on Sumatra often influenced by the Middle East and India, with the vegetables and meat cooked in curry and curry as Gulai Indoesia; Java cuisine is also in bringing more local characteristics.

Eastern Cuisine Indonesian cuisine is very similar to the islands of Polynesia and Melanesia in the Pacific. The characteristics of Chinese cuisine and culinary influences on Indonesia, including, wheat (bakmi), meat or fish ball (bakso) and spring rolls (lumpia) is completely Chinese origin.

Some dishes rooted in Indonesia today already popular throughout Southeast Asia. Dishes like satay (satay), beef (rendang), and sambal (a sauce) are also considered to represent Malaysia and Singapore cuisine. The dish made from soy, such as tofu (tahu) and tempeh (fermented soybeans bound into pieces) are also very popular.

Tempeh is said by the Javanese cuisine created, is a variant of the product fermented from soybeans. There is a fermented dish called oncom other, very similar, but not only are tempe made from soy, which is different from other types of fungi are also very common in West Java.

When have Indonesia tour, tourist should try Indonesian cuisine