Indonesia has a unique culture with mixture a lot of ethnic because of the various of ethnic diversity


Indonesia has a unique culture with mixture a lot of ethnic because o the various of ethnic diversity

Due to 2015, Indonesia has approximately 255,693,997 people with a population density of 126 people / km2. Indonesia is a country of many nationalities. The Javanese 39.4%, 15.8% ,Sunda, Malays 12.1%, and 4.3% Madura and others.

Urban population accounted for 39%. The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, a standardized dialect of the Malay language. In addition, Indonesia has more than 300 local languages. The majority population of Indonesia is Muslim (87%), Christian 9.6%, Hindu 1.8%, Buddhist 1%


The official currency of Indonesia is rupiah (Rp). 1 dollar is about approximate 14.000 rupiah. The tourist can exchange the money easily as any bank or currency exchange stands everywhere in Indonesia.  besides, they also accept dollar in any shop.

Indonesia is a beautiful country with many wonderful lanscape. indonesia is also a country with extremely abundant cultures and the mixture the colors of the religious and cultural traditions in a very long time.

As a biggest Muslim country in the world but it also greatly influenced by the Western culture such as Spain, Portugal, Netherlands … therefore, until now Indonesia still remain the famous Java drama dance and Bali dance are known in Hinduism style, while Batak dance in North Sumatra is the collective theater group and it is still a nature pure entertainment.



In the traditional way of life, people of Indonesia are considered to save face and their generally very polite, did not directly criticize someone and often endorse what you say than to make you sad. Indonesians would love to be praised, and so you should be aware of the strengths of the Indonesian people that you communicate to praise more appropriate and also be careful with the words in disparaging, sarcastic, that complete not good for you.They also like to say something more than silent , so when you ask for directions to them, maybe they will show the wrong way for you because they do not know the way.