Honeymoon tours in Thailand to help you record the unforgettable love melody in your life with half the weddings warmest and happiest. A suitable organization and meaning will make this dream come true record sweetest memories.

Thailand is famous with the name “Land of Smiles”, so in Thailand appeared many wedding consulting company.

You do not need to worry about organizing process even if their journey in a hurry, simply said that the company needs wedding consultant will provide all the services. The newly married couples can honeymoon in Bangkok if you can not stay here long.


Bangkok is a city with all the facilities and hotels, shopping centers world-class. Traffic in the city easily. Visitors can travel by taxi, rental car or using aerial tram system in the city, all means of comfort and fastest here takes you to visit the beautiful landscape.

In Bangkok, tourists can enjoy all the cuisines of the world and to many cultural activities in the city.The temples here gives you a feeling of solitude and your marriage to integrate into the peaceful setting and good luck.

Special Organizations

If you want to organize an extraordinary wedding in this special day, you should not ignore the collective wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day was held in the North and South of Thailand.

Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang northern Thailand elephant wedding ceremony. You will wear the traditional Thai wedding ceremony to relive ancient dream in today’s era machines. When traveling to the Trang city in the south you will see underwater mass wedding ceremony, gave the newly married couples experience a natural environment.

In addition to the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, the Chao Phraya River serve trains traveling on the river to give visitors a feeling of complete relaxation and rich experience of all the temples, ruins from the ancient, living landscapes along the river and up the unique culture has formed the country extremely beautiful Thailand.