When you have holiday in Indonesia, you should find out what means of transportation in Indonesia. If you choose the right means transportation, it will help you not only save time but also money



Indonesia has a good air system, internal airplane is linked most major towns to Jakarta. Indonesia has tow big domestic operators that are Merpati Nusantara Airlines and Garuda Indonesia (MZ).


Garuda operates under the traditional airline model. It has currently 31 companies which are exploiting domestic destinations and 19 international destinations. The company’s main transit point in Indonesia are located in Jakarta, Denpasar and Makassar. If you wants to have holidays in Indonesia, you should buy plane ticket from this 2 airplane operators



You can travel by trailers. It is includes  Bajaj car (three-wheeled vehicles like cars with covered on it). Tourist should ask the price before you go to avoid high price. Tourist can also rent motorbikes and bicycles here. Motorcycles must have an international driver’s license and they must wear a helmet. For some types of small private bus the tourist should ask the fares first.



The tourist can hire car. Car  is usually found in some international tour operators and local authorities. Beside that tourist can take taxi and motorcycle taxi. There are many taxis in cities and towns, travelers can also select vehicles taxi at crossroads junction, should negotiate the price with the driver before. These are 2 popular means of transportation of tourist when they get holidays in Indonesia



Train Operating Companies in Indonesia is PT Kereta Api. There are three types of fares Eksecutif,Ekonomi and Bisnis, there is dining room with air conditioning and served on train.  Children under three years olds are free, from 3- 10 years old pays 10%.



Sumatra train, running from Belawan, Medan and Tanjong Balai / Rantu Prapet in northern (2-3 trips a day), and the route runs from Palembang to southern Panjang (three trains daily). Modern luxury train, with air conditioning is Argo Bromo Anggrek train and it runs from Jakarta to Surabaya, it departs every day and every night.