Hoi An Lantern festival is run on the 14th day of every lunar month. The old town of Hoi An switches off its lights and closes to motorized traffic. Hoi An is transformed by flickering candlelight, multi-coloured lanterns and hoards of visitors

Hoi An Lantern Festival is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular events. For centuries, the Vietnamese have considered the full moon a time to pay their respects to their ancestors, hold candlelit ceremonies at temples and generally make merry. In recent years, the quaint port town of Hoi An has taken this to succeeding level, shift off its fluorescent lights and raising its colored lanterns for one night monthly – once the streets ar stuffed with crowds of locals and tourists, games, pageant food and music

The lantern festival can certainly be fun, but it’s not for everyone. There is a lively, celebratory atmosphere and beautiful displays of floating lanterns on the river – but the crowds can be intense, and the electricity ban does not seem to extend to sound systems, which get turned up to 11.

If you prefer a celebration and like to be within the thick of things – Hoi associate degree lamp pageant is for you. If you favor a additional peaceful expertise, you’ll realize that Hoi associate degree on an everyday night has many charms – its daily night market full of trinkets and crafts, its lanterns out, its bars and restaurants spilling over into the streets with locals out for a nightcap

The lanterns are set into the river as an offering and to worship their ancestors as well as the God of the land. This tradition started centuries ago where on the full moon people from all over the region would come to participate.

This is the best time for locals to honour their ancestors by offering fruit, flowers, candles and incense to them in exchange for good luck and prosperity. Each of the town’s pagodas are awash with activities, all free of charge. Fujian Assembly Hall on Tran Phu Street hosts an inspiring gathering of local fishing families honouring Lady Thien Hau, goddess of the sea.