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Vietnam trip: Pho overview

"Pho" is typical dishes and very famous in Vietnam. Many international friends who make a Vietnam trip, love the noodle recipe cooked in its...
Malaysian food

Malaysian food and cuisine

A mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences will give what can overthrill your taste buds. For short, I’m just gonna call it Malaysian...
Laos food

You shoud give these Laos food a shot !

You can have interesting Laos food on pretty much everywhere in this Asia country. To narrow your choices down, here are some dishes in...
Myanmar dish

Myanmar dish you must give a taste!

Myanmar is new exotic tourism destination. Here are Myanmar dishes you should try when your travel in this compelling country. Spend your vacation at...

Tour to Indonesia: Rice in cuisine

Rice is the basic food in Indonesia today, rice is also a major factor to make up the culture of Indonesia: rice field landscape,...

Tour to Malaysia: Assam Laksa Noodle

Assam Laksa Noodle is Malaysia's national spirit. Every tourist that have tour to Malaysia want to try this noodles   Assam Laksa noodle wheat with big,...

Tour in Cambodia: Insect dishes

Referring to the Cambodian cuisine, you have to mention the food which is made from insects such as spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, ... If...

Top 5 Vietnamese famous foods

Like many countries in the world, Vietnam cuisine is also leaving no small impression in the hearts of foreign tourists.The famous dishes of Vietnam...
Singapore restaurants

Singapore restaurants and more!

Eating out is serious business in Singapore. According to Mastercard's 2014 survey on dining habits, Singaporeans spent an average of US$198 per month for Singapore...

Thailand trip: cuisine overview

Thai cuisine is a subtle blend of herbs, spices and fresh foods with special cuisines. Each dish or entire meals are a delicate mix...

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