Bokor plateau is recovered and become one of most popular destinations in Cambodia trip of every tourists


After nearly half a century asleep, Bokor plateau  was awakened back in 1993 when it is decided to establish a national park Bokor. Since then, the resort buildings, entertainment, casinos, restaurants … racing Bokor springing up giving a new vitality, more attractive in the eyes of tourists.

Bokor plateau has the most prominent resorts Thansur Bokor Highland Resort. This includes many advanced services with 5-star standard, pool, restaurant, casino, bar, karaoke and includes amusement parks for children …That makes you never feel bored when come to Bokor plateau in your Cambodia trip

Bokor also has many attractions, famous photography that visitors should not be overlooked as: Pram Samprov temple (also called Temple In Boat), built in 1924 by King Monivong. The temple is small but has stunning with large boulders shaped like the fossil boat (hence it is called Five boats) associated with the legend of the mysterious love story of prince Preah Thong and Princess Aquarium Nagani build his own kingdom.



From temple Five Boats, visitors can see ancient casino and hotel were abandoned French colonial building from the early 20th century hidden in the mist. Not far away is the cathedral with moss brick wall hooks were timeless. When evening comes, the church hidden in the clouds blind bore full mystical or mysterious. This Catholic church was built by the French in the early 20th century for the French authorities to go to church when Bokor Resort.

A very ideal destination here is Popokvil waterfalls (which means the clouds hold). The most beautiful time of extraction is about May to October (rainy season.) Falls has 2 floors, upstairs and downstairs height of about 15 meters high about 18m. Not only is the place where you can soak in the hot days, photographing waterfalls is also an excellent point for you.



Guests also can visit the statue Ya Mao the lake … Besides, Bokor fresh air, cool very suitable for visitors hiking or biking on the surrounding slopes fog covered contraction. You never regret when decide to go Bokor plateau in your Cambodia trip