If you have a Cambodia trip, Bokor plateau will be the best place for who love jerking, outdoor activities and love natural


Bokor plateau (ie the hump on the back of the cow) from Kampot town about 10km southwest. Bokor to the highest peak of 1.081m, in the rainy season in the fog, standing a few meters away could not see anything. Mountain located in Bokor National Park, an area of ​​1,580 km2 and is inhabited by many species of rare plants.

According to legend Khmer, Bokor Mountain governed by goddesses Veang Kh’mau . Previously, the only known gathering around, thanks to Ms. Mao teaches life wet rice should no longer hungry. People worship Mao became the saint she represents compassion bring happiness to the people of Cambodia. Ms. Mao statue was built on the hillside Bokor and completed in 2010, 29 m high in the meditation posture toward the sea.



From plain Kampot, visitors must go through a longer stretch of road passes 32km to the summit of the mountain. Leaving behind the noisy, bustling life of the plain, winding road to the vast blue of the trees, the birds singing, the sound of animals called …

Feeling unsteady swarm with sleeve joint bends further, a blue of the sky, the sea of ​​unspoiled forests opened before the eyes for the first time that visitors have arrived here because of the beauty of stupor supply the country’s most beautiful mountain pass these temples.



The higher, the more low temperature, haze covered mountain plateau Bokor make a beauty just fanciful, just mysterious, attractive. Bokor plateau in your Cambodia trip will be the best experience you ever have. According to several documents recording the Bokor plateau was once a luxury resort by the French in the early 20th century, therefore, it has a full range of services from restaurants, hotels, casinos for to schools, post offices, churches, royal palaces …

However, Bokor plateau gradually abandoned and forgotten, to and from a place used to be such a paradise, it is called a ‘ghost town’, in addition to the casino and left the church, the other part only the rock, the decaying plaster walls. This attracts tourist when they have Cambodia trip