Cambodia tourism is not only visiting the popular landscapes but also enjoy the unique dishes. In Vietnam, if you mention your favorite dishes, people often think of pho, Cambodia will also Nom banh chok dishes. It is the quintessential dishes of Khmer, beloved by locals and tourists.


When you travel to Cambodia can go wherever you may also encounter dishes Nom banh chok attractive also known as the Khmer noodles. From the survey results showed that most of the Khmers have always believed that it is they who invented noodles today and all the countries in Asia are imitating the idea of ​​creating pasta from them.

Therefore, Khmer noodles for a long time has been present in Cambodia and attached to many people’s childhoods for the entire period. Wheat Khmer popular dish on the menu Light of Cambodia, is considered snacks each afternoon or night.

Khmer noodles cooked noodles completely different from Vietnam. The main component of Nom banh chok is noodles, fish sauce and vegetables such as price, banana, cucumber, papaya, lotus and other safe vegetables.


This way of cooking is also very simple, like selling a very special way to create is “reputation” by referring to Cambodia’s Khmer noodles. However, the simples of this noodles that make its own attraction in  Cambodia tourism

Khmer noodles are mainly sold by the women walk around the streets, markets, alleys … Along with the burden of their wheat, not fixed like other food shops. The main ingredient of the dish is a vegetable, so before you go to sell them should not need to take too much time to process, just washed and carry small items such as knives, scissors, razor blades is possible quick service, take place.



It is particularly attractive to make up for this dish that is gravy. Khmer sauce used as a bank chok popular spices in the dishes, especially the water used in noodle dishes. Chok bank sauce is a combination with a variety of different materials such as freshwater, salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, chili with a little cold rice to the mix at the rate provided for creating a very special spices sharp.

Because these materials has created a Khmer noodle dish with flavor and characteristics, tastes sweet and salty moderate, very delicious and attractive. Tourist should try this noodles when got Cambodia tourism