Traveling to Cambodia, the tourists will be impressed by the people and the culture.

Cambodia is a homogeneous country with a population of more than 90% of the population is Khmer and speak Khmer, the official language. The rest are Vietnamese, Cambodian Chinese, Cham and Montagnard people are concentrated in the mountains of the north and northeast. Cambodian people are honest, patience with the difficulties and the hardship endured during working. Everyone wants to polite to society.

The elder people want to be respected by others, women are often shy. Both young and old have gentle heart, they do not like people with bragging and lying. So if someone lied or deceived Cambodian people just once, it is enough to lose their faith even lead to hatred



Cambodian cultural imprints of religion introduced from India, especially Hinduism and Buddhism, so the flow of religious thought has dominated and affected almost all aspects of the powerful in daily life and physical, mental of the people of Cambodia.

Besides the culture was introduced from India and China through religious thought, the convergence of Cambodia is very distinct cultures and unique that most tourists come here all want to find out about exclusive features unique in this region.



Cambodian Cultural imprints of religion introduced from India such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Cambodian culture also heavily influenced by culture imported from China.

Unlike other cultures, the people of Cambodia do not make birthday parties and birthdays are not considered to be a memorable occasion as same Westerners, a lot of people in the older generation do not remember the exact date of his birth . When you invited to a friend or someone else to the party, people usually bring some small gifts to show the respect to the host

Cambodian cuisine style is strong influenced of India and China, most of the dishes flavored crackers, sweet and fatty. Indian food are found mostly in spices as satay spicy, chilli, pepper, humiliation, recovery etc. Chinese dishes are found with the crackers and quite fatty, oily style especially Sichuan cuisine.