Tourists who have Cambodia holidays is not only impressive natural scenery, the world’s cultural heritage, the friendliness of the people of Cambodia but also cannot forget the unique taste of the dishes in this country .

Cambodian cuisine is somewhat similar to Thailand, Laos and have some similar dishes with dish of Vietnam. But Cambodian tastes somewhat strange not as spicy as Thai food over and not as sweet as the Lao dishes

When enjoying the Cambodian cuisine dishes you will see the fat and sweet – these are the features inherited from the cuisine of Sichuan – China celebrated. In addition to sweet and fatty, you will see all the spicy dishes – a definition from Indian cuisine.


Say so, but the traditional Cambodian cuisine also no underdog. Traditional dishes will show you the unique taste of Cambodia, the taste can be understood only through the enjoyment. When tourist have Cambodia holidays, they will be attracted by the unique of Cambodia cuisine

Cambodians food mainly rice, they will eat into daily meals. Besides these dishes such as curry, fries, soups are popular dishes are served with rice. Besides glutinous rice is also used for the dishes away – often distant and considered durian dessert – or rice, – carrying dishes when moving away or when working in the fields do not have time processing.



They have familiar dishes and proximity to Southeast Asian tourists like rice, sticky rice, and fish dishes, meat, vegetables … he calls this sentimentality in most Cambodians meal also has Prahok dishes. Completely different fish dishes of Vietnam Chau Doc, this fish dish of salty Cambodian people, but will have the fat of fish flesh fleshy.

Prahok dish is salty because it is processed through multiple salted. The fish are caught on, people will bring about cleaning and salting to take personal use. For the people of this country, the temple tower is an indispensable dish in the daily diet.

Tourists when get Cambodia holidays should notice about Prahok dishes,it is delicious but too salty, it is not good for tourists who have trouble with their heart