Thailand is a tropical country just a sea, the city looked crowded with cheap shopping paradise.Each year the country receives around 14 million Golden Temple tourists from around the world. Thailand tourist season generally runs from mid-October to April next year.

Weather in Thailand can be divided into two seasons, the rainy, hot season, start from May to October, and dry, cool start from November through December 4. You should choose to Thailand when the weather is cool cool because then it’s time to travel convenient, visiting the beautiful outdoor scenes.
If you come to Thailand in about October to April, you will have the opportunity to attend two major festivals in the country Golden Temple, which is the Loy Krathong festival of light, is also regarded as Valentine’s Thais, are held on December fifteenth lunar month and the traditional New Year Songkran takes place in mid-April.
The great time and most pleasant in Thailand is from November to February, because this is the coolest period of the year. However, this is the peak tourist season in the Golden Temple the country so the price will rise and the amount of foreign visitors to Thailand have also increased in other months.
So if you are a tourist favorite is the desert or dust who like to travel with the cheapest price, you can book tickets to Thailand in October or March, at which time the weather is still pleasant, but spending cost of living, the price of tickets at the tourist spots are not too high.
The peak season of tourism in Thailand takes place from May 11 to late March, July and November 8. If not like crowded that want to enjoy the quiet space where Thai or lease land devaluation, you should choose to travel in the months typically less visitors in April, 5, 6, 9, 10.
Many people believe that you should book a flight to Bangkok, because this is a busy city and attractive, it has many large shopping malls with goods of good quality, affordable. If you want to move to other tourist cities are flights from Bangkok is convenient and cheaper option than you book from your country.

Airlines in Thailand often have discount flights from Bangkok to many neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore. You also have another option is to use the train service or long-distance buses run from the capital to major cities. You will easily buy tickets, train tickets at the travel advice center in Thailand around the country or purchase tickets at the hotel where you book.