Vietnam Festival is a cultural event which is organized every years. If you have a trip to Vietnam, you should join one of Vietnam festival to enjoy this joyful time


According to 2009 statistics, the country of Vietnam Festival 7966; including folk festivals 7039 (accounting for 88.36%), 332 historical festival (accounting for 4.16%), 544 religious festivals (accounting for 6.28%), 10 festivals imported from abroad (accounting for 0.12%), the rest are other festivals (0.5%).

The locality has many festivals of Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Hai Duong and Phu Tho. When you have a trip to Vietnam and you want to see the festival, you should you to the northern of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has thousands of years of history. Like many other countries in the world, Vietnam has a culture of its own identity. It is these features that make reinforcing way, shape and identity of the people of Vietnam.


In the cultural treasure of the people of Vietnam, living cultural festival is very specific areas. The festival is the folk cultural activities have spread to virtually every country. Many festival was born thousands of years ago to now remain. Festival in Vietnam is always toward an object of worship sacred to the god or nature’s god is.

That is the picture converges most noble qualities of man. Help people remember the source, user-friendly and to build a good life, peace and happiness.

Traditional festivals in Vietnam often take place in the spring and in the fall the few most beautiful seasons of the year, while at the same time farmers have idle time.



Among the festivities Vietnam, not to mention festivals dominate most families in all parts of the nation, it is Chinese New Year, Tet Trung Vu Lan ceremony and Thu. Recently some state festival and people are interested in, such as the Hung Temple Festival, President filled Doi Son Festival, Christmas, Phat Tich Association.

Some major festivals affect a large area, such as: Giong God (Kinh Bac), Hung Temple Festival (Xu Doai), Bai Dinh Pagoda festival, Yen Tu festival, festival of Ba Chua Xu (An Giang), the International fireworks festival Danang (Da Nang) …

The best time for a trip to Vietnam to enjoy festival is January to February