Halong Bay – the place of magic wherever tourists will immerse themselves into the land via a good vary of exciting activities to own deeper insight into this fairy world.

Situated to the North-East of Vietnam and, Halong Bay – a part of Gulf of Tonkin – has been double been acknowledged by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, the first time in 1994 for its beauty landscapes and also the 2d time in 2000 for its earth science formation.

Especially, Halong Bay is that the distinctive destination for its own unbelievable marks within the amount of earth layer forming and developing and it’s conjointly the magic and astonishing masterpiece of Mother Nature combined of thousands of rock islands of various shapes and sizes still as wonderful caves that make a full of life and mysterious complicated. Here square measure high activities that you just ne’er miss to form a a lot of fascinating Halong Bay tour.


The most exciting activity tourists will pay the full day cruising around Halong Bay on classical junk boats associate degreed have an venturous journey weaving through rock islands and islets. Cruising on the deep and clear blue waters of the ocean whereas marveling at the wondrous landscapes of mighty islands and inexperienced islets can sure as shooting build that vacation a special one




Each cruise is meant sort of a well-equipped edifice, thus just in case obtaining bored with looking at, tourists will have an opening on the sundeck enjoying the open recent air or having a sip of tea. The sailing vessels conjointly contain feeding restaurants wherever tourists can have an opportunity of taking a bite of the tasty and pleasant cuisines that’s broiled by the simplest chefs in Vietnam.


Kayaking amidst Halong Bay wherever no boat will come in little hidden caves or lagoons, and tourists can have a singular expertise the important fantastic thing about the Bay.

Kayaking is one in every of the foremost widespread watersports jam-packed with thrill and excitement in Halong Bay that tourists square measure searching for. Kayaks square measure slender inflated boats created by a special material with one or 2 seats that may enable kayakers have associate degree exciting time venturing out on the ocean. Kayakers can got to use rows and wade it through the cool waters of the emerald ocean and guide kayak to location they need to travel.


2 activities must to know in Halong Bay-1
2 activities must to know in Halong Bay-1


Imagine a heaven on the ocean level with thousands of rock formations rising out of the like-blue-sky water, a goodvary of sandy beaches, inexperienced islands, secure lagoons, and ocean caves. thus it may be seen that Halong Bay is as luck would have it presented naturally with favorable conditions for kayaking or the shape of paddling, employing a kayak to maneuver across water and acquire nearer to the caves and rock cliffs.

Belonging to the complicated of Halong Bay, the fairylike LAN angular distance Bay one in all best places for kayaking. A angular distancelong – LAN Ha Bay three day two night tour with the 2 attention-grabbing expertise of ice climbing and kayaking can sure as shooting bring you haunting reminiscences still as facilitate to ease you sould and refresh your belief in magic.